Katherine Furman


  began as an editor in 2005 with the aims of learning the book-industry ropes and one day becoming a writer. After a decade  working for publishers both big and small, I launched a studio, Tandem Books, with a design partner. We work with major publishers across the country and have created more than one hundred titles to date. We've done a political retrospective with the New York Times, taken a behind-the-scenes look at Young Frankenstein with Mel Brooks, delved into major world events with the History Channel, and so much more.


In addition to my editorial work, I’ve written dozens of commissioned books under probably too many pen names. These range from etiquette to history to self-help and beyond, but my favorite category to write for is humor. My (almost) complete works are collected here with links to purchase for those still in print. I am currently working on my first novel. 

Coming Soon!

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Enjoying Bourbon Mechanical_ 4color only

(Almost) Complete Works