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5/11/23  I've got a mock-up of Story Oracle in my hot little hands, and it looks great!




8/8/22  A box of books I wrote came in this weekend, and they are all lovely!





2/22/22   On this alliterative date with the improbable bonus charm of being a Tuesday, I finished the first draft of my novel!

12/8/21   It was great speaking with Emily Benner on the Illuminate Podcast! If you want to hear about my publishing career and the things I didn't expect to learn along the way, it's all here.


* * *

2/4/21   The Asbury Book Coop is not just a lovingly curated bookstore where I always spend more money than I intend to, it's also a business built on a community-oriented model that gives you hope for the future of humanity. I was flattered to be one of their featured local authors. 


* * *

* * *

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