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​As a long-time editor in trade publishing, I know how many moving pieces are involved in creating a book. I can help you keep everything—and everyone—on track, from the initial stages of writing and development to final layout. 


From humor to health and gift to games, I write, co-write, and ghost-write a wide range of successful trade books. I can:


  • Research and write on virtually any topic

  • Rewrite problematic text to achieve clarity 

  • Add text to expand a project, while matching the writing style


With nine years experience as a professional editor of both fiction and nonfiction, I am adept at all stages of book production, including:


  • Manuscript development

  • Line editing

  • Copyediting

  • Coding manuscripts

  • Proofreading

  • Research and fact-checking

Project Management.

I work with writers, designers, and illustrators of every experience level on books that range from straight text to complex layouts. I am skilled at:


  • Finding and coaching writers

  • Hiring and managing freelancers

  • Working with designers to create layouts that fit editorial demands

  • Sticking to strict budgets 

  • Meeting tough deadlines

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