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Testing, Testing. One, Two.

Recently I went to a show, and one of the acts went into an elaborate song during their sound check. In folksy bravado, audience members were informed, "Check one, two, this is a sound check. One, two. You are here for some music, and we're going to play for you. First we're going to sound check, but then we're going to play some songs. One. Two. Check, check." These observations about all the obvious things happening in the room went on for a good five minutes, well beyond when the sound guy had finished his work. Douglas Adams was likely spinning delightedly in his grave.

Essentially, that's what this blog post is: a far-too-lengthy check to see what posts will look like, figure out how to embed pictures (turns out it's super easy), and just generally start things off. Also like the sound check, it's really not suitable for consumption but I'm all caught up now, and if you haven't walked away yet, it's your own fault for having endured it.

Courtesy of CutestPaw, though "courtesy" is a bit strong because I didn't technically ask if I could use the image.

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